Stage Summit County CO Home for Bravo Performance

By The Walsh Group


When selling your Summit County Colorado home, set the stage for a “Bravo!” performance. When the first prospects arrive, it is your responsibility to bring up the lights on a spectacular Summit County resort home. Here are some ideas to get you started improving the curb appeal of your Summit County or Breckenridge real estate.


Attention to detail before exposing your Summit County CO home in the Colorado Rockies to prospective buyers can save you thousands of dollars at closing and bring you the best possible price. These suggestions will be a welcome mat for potential buyers of your Breckenridge or Summit County property but they are also great for people who want to improve their living quarters.


 Get into the car and drive a few hundred feet away. Turn around and come back with new eyes. Notice any yellow or red flags as you approach your driveway and garage. Are there dead branches, a withered bush? How about a crocked mailbox? Can you see the number on the house clearly? What window coverings are showing through to the front? Does the garage door or the house paint need refreshing’

As you get out of the car and walk to the front door from the driveway, could your lawn use a little flower bed somewhere? Could your front door be outlined with two little pines in clay pots? Is the screen door torn? Would changing the color of the front door add a friendlier feel to the approach?

The entry way is a very important place. When you enter the door, what do you first see? Anything that sticks out Is it too busy looking De-clutter by removing furnishings. Repair tiles. Add a green plant possibly a colorful tall ceramic or brass pot of pussy willows or summer flowers, depending on the season, if the entryway is too stark.

Have your carpets professionally cleaned to remove dirt, stains, and odors’especially if pets walk around on them. If you can make the investment, new carpet goes a long way to improving the feel of the entire homes. If the floors are hardwood, consider having them refinished.

Add some zing in the sitting areas. New pillows, a new tapestry or paintings that go with the design of the home will add excitement. Take away dusty old trinkets and add something new to the fireplace area.

A fresh coat of paint does wonders and is the least-expensive way to freshen the home, inside and out. But be careful! Tackle one room at a time and try sample on a portion of a wall for a few days until you find the best color for the room, a color that works during all times of the day and night. All white or off-white can be boring these days but too much intensity is a turn off.

Before showing the home, be certain all repairs and improvements are completed. Dust everything and organize closets. Clean the fridge, make the beds, and place personal items out of sight. Then, bring up the lights!