How to Sell Summit County Resort Property from Out of State

By The Walsh Group


What should you do when the property you want to sell is not your own home and is not located in your home state but is located in Summit County CO real estate, out of sight and out of mind from your own home – in another city or state? A Summit County CO second home in Summit County, Colorado, is a completely different market and requires someone with a “local expertise” AND a different “mindset”! The Colorado resort real-estate market has a mind of its own!


Yes, you know all about the properties around your own neighborhood, but do you know as much about the market in another state? If you own a second home in Summit County CO real estate or Breckenridge CO real estate or other beautiful Summit County mountain property, what should you do? It’s not like you can do what you do with your own home:


Drive around your neighborhood to keep track of the other properties listed for sale!

Stop at some local open houses to see how other properties compare to yours!

Read the local newspaper to see what was on the market!

Keep up to date on the local real-estate market through family, friends and co-workers!

Discuss the local real estate while standing in line at the bank or grocery store!

You thought that someday, when you are ready to sell your vacation home, the information you have gleaned will give you enough of a handle on the market there. And you thought that you even have a pretty good idea which local realtor to use to get the job done.


However, contracting with the “wrong” out-of-state realtor could cost you dearly. Many of the reliable local resources aren’t readily available to assist in selling a vacation property hundreds or thousands of miles away. And your local real-estate market has little to do with a market located halfway across the country (or even a few hundred miles away). As a result, you’re left wondering. Is it a buyer’s market? Is it a seller’s market? When is the best time to sell? What are the average days on market? How much is your resort property worth? Although some Internet websites may offer a great deal of information, they aren’t necessarily good resources for determining value and/or identifying successful marketing strategies for your specific mountain real estate.


So, how do you gather the information you’ll need to make an informed decision? While it’s always a good idea to work with a real-estate professional, a proven way to save you time, money, aggravation, and give you peace of mind, it is especially important to find the RIGHT real-estate professional when you are not living near the property that you want to sell.


Who should you call? Who can you trust? As a seller of an out-of-area property, you want to have:


A broker with experience in out-of-area sales

A broker who has already achieved the results that you are trying to achieve

A broker who has had the most success in this market area

A broker who not only has the most number of listings sold of all brokers in the area but also the highest percent of listings sold

A broker who has achieved the highest average of sales-to-list ratio of all brokers in the area

A broker whose listings have had the shortest time on market of all their competition