How to Screen for a Realtor: Questions to Ask

By The Walsh Group


Most of us do not buy or sell many properties in our entire life spans. And many have no prior experience with resort Summit County CO real estate or Breckenridge real estate, especially the nuances of the resort market place.


Realtor Questions

Before hiring a Realtor to sell or buy Summit County CO real estate or Breckenridge CO real estate, plan to sit down with any potential real estate agents. Ask these fifteen important questions:


What is your guarantee? Listening to the response will help the Summit County property owner to glean whether this Realtor is going to sincerely look out for the interests of the client.

Do you personally answer all phone calls on the property? If the real estate agent will handle all communications about the listing, there is apt to be less confusion in communications.

Can we cancel the listing if we’re not happy?

Does the Realtor offer satisfaction guaranteed?

Do you have a personal assistant? A personal assistant is vital to helping a Realtor stay on top of the long list of details that need attention during both a purchase and a sale.

If you don’t call me back within 24 hours, will you take $50 off of the escrow? The answer to this question will reflect both how organized the Realtor is and how responsive are his or her habits.

May I see your personal real estate web site? In today’s market, the Internet has changed the way people look at homes. Every year a larger percentage of people search the Internet at all hours of the day and night for ways to find out what is available in the market.

What systems do you have in place that will keep you in constant contact with me during the listing and the transaction? Does the Realtor have cell phone access 24/7, voice mail that is checked frequently, and e-mail communication systems? If the Realtor happens to be unavailable, who will “deliver the baby”?

Are you fully automated with your own personal computer, FAX machine, copier, pager, voice mail, etc.? This will show one level of professionalism in the practice.

What is your average market time vs. other agents average market time? The Realtor’s response will tell you something about his experience and expertise.

What professional designations do you have? The educational designations will give you a clue as to the Realtor’s hand in varying circumstances.

I want to give my home the advantage of the latest marketing strategies. How much time and money do you invest each month in professional training? When a Realtor is continually trying to improve his service, there is usually a humility and sincerity accompanying his services.

Can you give me a list of your clients who have closed escrow and can I call them? They will speak volumes. But if there are no references or real estate testimonials, there is a big red flag.

Why are you personally motivated to sell my house? Just listen and you will hear some of the realtor’s sales skills.

Why should I list with you rather than any other agent who is calling? This answer should sum it all up and reassure you.

By the end of this fifteen-question interview, the property owner or buyer will have a certain sense about the Realtor. The interviewer may ask for clarification about any yellow flags. Red flags could possibly eliminate the candidate.