Avoid Committee Decisions when Buying Summit County Property

By The Walsh Group


For the buyers of Rocky Mountain resort real estate who are actually making the purchase of a Summit County, Copper Mountain, Silverthorne or Breckenridge home, we have some advice about who to bring along.


Summit County home buyers who show up with their parents, aunts, uncles, and other unrelated individuals are often bombarded by a variety of conflicting opinions on value, desirability and functionality of the subject Summit County property.


These opinions, many of which are unsolicited, can cause confusion and will often result in “indecision”. In turn, indecision can mean the difference between acquiring the desired Summit County CO real estate and losing out to another ski resort home buyer.


It has been said, “A camel is a horse designed by a committee.” The Internet is full of comments about the ineffectiveness of committees. Part of the problem in a committee is that no individual is held responsible for the decisions, especially those made by a majority ultimatum. Unless you are prepared to adopt a heterarchy, which will give all of the relatives and friends equal authority to decide on your new home, then please reconsider whether to include them in your deliberations.


Synergic consensus occurs when a group of humans sitting in heterarchy negotiate to reach a decision in which they all win and in which no one loses. In a synergic heterarchy, all members sit on the same level as “equals”. No one has more authority than anyone else everyone has equal responsibility and equal authority within the heterarchy. The assignment for the heterarchy is to find a plan of action so that all members win and that is not always easy. It seems that the more people involved in decision-making, the more difficult it becomes to achieve the original objective. The same holds true when buying real estate.


We advise our clients to implement this solution: Whittle down your decision-making team very easily by including only those individuals who will share the financial responsibility of the purchase! Invite everyone else to see the property once you’ve made the decision and signed the contract. That will help ensure that you’ve made the best decision for you’and not for your fan club!


It is vital to take the time necessary to visit, inspect and reflect before making a choice. For opinions relating to value, desirability and functionality of the subject property, ask your real-estate professional. That’s why we’re here. When you’re ready to buy or sell, the specialists of The Walsh Group and RE/MAX Properties of the Summit will be ready to help you!


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