Getting Your Upscale Summit County CO Real Estate SOLD!

By The Walsh Group


If an owner is planning to sell a Summit County CO home that stands out from the rest, that seller needs a Summit County real estate agent who has garnered knowledge and experience in the local market. The Walsh Group includes many long-term residents of Summit County who have access to valuable resources that will give an edge to sellers in this Summit County resort market.


To avoid the “upscale pitfalls”, homeowners selling Summit County CO real estate will need to work with their Summit County real estate agent to create a unique marketing plan. Communication is a critical ingredient in the relationship. After listening to the seller’s needs and priorities, the agent will fashion a plan.


Here are some valuable pointers for sellers of Summit County CO real estate:


First, with the help of a real estate professional, take a close look at the competition. Although the seller’s property may offer unique features and amenities, the competition will be showing off their own.


A Comparative Market Analysis and Appraisal are first steps. They will enable a seller to use his/her head and not the heart when setting the price. What the seller originally paid for the property has little to do with what a ready, willing and able buyer will pay for that same property today on the open market.


Next, sellers need to be informed. They should ask their real estate professionals to fully explain the special strategies for selling a fabulous and unique property. Then, the seller can best decide on the plan that allows for maximum exposure of this special property to the right buyers.


Another requirement for sellers is to be sure to show the property in a no-excuses condition. Prospects who can afford an upscale property expect a purchase that reflects a “Better Homes & Gardens” image. Their lifestyle rarely allows time for “fixing up”.


Next, sellers in an upscale market need to be flexible. Upscale buyers expect to see properties on their schedule.


And finally, a little psychology goes a long way. People buying beautiful resort properties also expect a prompt answer to their purchase offer. Playing “hard to get” does not work in this market. In fact, during the entire process, sellers will get the best results by working openly with their real estate professionals to arrive at a prompt, satisfactory conclusion to the property sale.